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  • Am Israël Haï
  • : Israël, ce pays qui pousse l'individu à la recherche de lui-même. Un voyage de retour vers l'Histoire, vers sa propre Histoire.
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Pour ne pas oublier que ce qui se passe à Sderot a commencé par l'évacuation du Goush Katif.

Evacuation de Névé Dékalim en 2005
27 décembre 2006 3 27 /12 /décembre /2006 06:37

Robert Satloff, one of the world’s smartest Arabists, reveals other links between the Arabs and the Holocaust in his groundbreaking new book, “Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust’s Long Reach Into Arab Lands.” He shows how the Nazis set up the machinery of death in North Africa. Although “only” 4,000 to 5,000 Jews died before the Allies liberated the area in 1943, many more were consigned to forced labor camps in hellish conditions.

Arabs played a role at every level,” Satloff wrote. “Some went door to door with the Germans, pointing out Jews for arrest. Others led Jewish workers on forced marches or served as overseers at labor camps.”

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